I am a natural light, self taught, baby- loving photographer.   I will never forget the one who inspired me to pick up a camera.   I began this photo-taking journey 3 years ago.    I am constantly growing and learning.   I love color.   I am the mother of 1 beautiful baby girl.   Once upon a time I enjoyed being in front of the camera, then I discovered the joy of being behind it.    I don't have a sweet tooth.   I have 32 sweet teeth.   I am left handed.   I often don't think before speaking.  I find that I take more photos of other people's families than I do of my own.  I don't like that.   I graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a degree in Sunbathing, no, but really- Marketing and International Business degrees.   I love warm water.    I am rather terrified of sea turtles in said warm water.   After 7 years in paradise, we moved to America's finest city.    I love LOVE and being in love with my best friend.   Life is good.